Monday July 1:

The course starts in the morning and will be concluded in the afternoon.

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Lectures and hands-on sessions

Surgical reconstruction of the hand and wrist comprises many different joints and techniques and is still evolving. In this course on monday instructional lectures are followed by cadaver lab sessions. Demonstrated surgical techniques can be put into practice on fresh cadavers while being supervised by experienced hand surgeons. Novel techniques using state of the art surgical equipment and implants can be experienced.


  • Degenerative finger joints (prosthesis, hemi-hamate arthroplasty, resections, fusions)
  • Degenerative distal radio-ulnar and radiocarpal/midcarpal joint (prosthesis, resections, fusions)
  • Tendon lesions /sports injuries (reconstructions)

Accreditation has been granted by the Netherlands Orthopeadic Association (NOV), the Netherlands Society of Plastic Surgery (NVPC) and the Association of Surgeons of the Netherlands (NVvH).