Tuesday July 5:

The course starts early in the morning and will be concluded in the afternoon.

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The Athletes Elbow: The role of arthroscopy and the treatment of sport related injuries

On Tuesday July 5, the topic will be Arthroscopy and Arthrotomy of the Elbow. This year we focus on the athletes elbow; the role of arthroscopy and the treatment of sport related injuries. Even if you are inexperienced in this kind of surgery this would be a great opportunity to learn a lot about this joint in a single day. During the hands-on session you can practise the different techniques on fresh specimens while the faculty and the technicians of the providing companies will assist you.


  • Interactive case discussions
  • Is degeneration related to athletic activities?
  • Novelties on distal biceps pathology and surgery
  • Novelties on lateral sided elbow pain
  • Treatment of early degeneration and OCD

Accreditation has been granted by the Netherlands Orthopeadic Association (NOV) and the Association of Surgeons of the Netherlands (NVvH).