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The annual Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty Utrecht Courses have been evaluated yearly to ensure the high standard of education in sports medicine. In 2016, the courses were again rated ‘Good’ and mostly ‘Excellent’. The delegates agreed that the level of complexity of the topics is appropriate and the quality of the specimens were considered excellent in the hands-on sessions of all courses.

There is ample opportunity to discuss any questions with the faculty. A very low threshold for discussion with the international is much appreciated and one of the strong features of our course.

Although the most important feature of our course is learning through lectures and hands-on training, we also feel that the social entourage is of great importance. The social events will allow you to share experiences with colleagues from countries worldwide (22 nationalities were represented in the 27th edition in 2016). You will visit wonderful sites in and around the city of Utrecht during the evening social program. Meet the experts in your field, old and new friends in a setting that will give you life long memories of the Netherlands.

In the 2016 edition of the A&A Utrecht courses, a special dinner event took place on top of an ancient water tower. With a magnificent view over the city of Utrecht, we enjoyed great food and lively conversation. Another social event was a most remarkable dinner in an ancient prison facility in downtown Utrecht. We enjoyed an exclusive dinner that no inmate had ever been served before in the main hall of the former prison wing. The surroundings stimulated great conversations and sharing of both professional and personal ideas. We are looking forward to the 28th edition of the annual international Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty Utrecht Course in 2017!