Hand & Wrist Arthroplasty Utrecht Course 2017

Participants and faculty of day 1 of Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty Utrecht Courses 2017. Faculty in front row from left to right: Carlos Heras-Palou, Zulfi Rahimtoola, Simon Strackee, prof. Henk Coert, Jaap Willems (Founder and former Chair A&A Courses), Ruud Deijkers (Course Director Hand & Wrist)

Social programme on July 4, 5 and 6

On July 4, 5 and 6 dinner is provided for participants in the following unique locations in and around Utrecht. Tuesday July 4: Fort bij Vechten, a 19th century fort in Bunnik (pictured here) Optional: a pre-dinner tour of the fort Wednesday July 5: Villa Jongerius, a 1930’s monumental villa near Utrecht’s city centre Optional: […]

Accreditation from NOV for Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty Utrecht 2017

The accreditation for Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty Utrecht 2017 has been granted by the Dutch Orthopaedic Society (NOV): 7 points for the Arthroplasty of the Hand & Wrist, 7 points for The Elbow course, 15 points for the Arthroscopy of the Knee, 14 points for the Arthroscopy of the Shoulder and 7 points for the Arthroplasty […]

Instructional Course on Arthroplasty of the Hand & Wrist (3 July) is fully booked

The Instructional Course on Arthroplasty of the Hand & Wrist on Monday July 3rd is fully booked! Make sure to register in time for the other courses: 4 July – Instructional Course on Arthroplasty and Arthroscopy of the Elbow 4, 5 and 6 July – Advanced Instructional Course on Arthroscopy of the Knee 5 and […]

Final program of the Hand & Wrist Course

As from today the final program of the Hand & Wrist Course is published on our website. This year a faculty of experienced handsurgeons with a background in either orthopaedic or plastic surgery will lead you on a journey along the treatment of degenerative finger joints and degenerative radio-carpal/mid-carpal joints. See our website: https://www.shoulder-elbow-knee.nl/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/program-Hand-Wrist-2017.pdf  

The Advanced Shoulder Arthroscopy Course 2017

Last but definitely not least we announce the program of the Arthroscopy of the Shoulder Course with well-known speakers such as Julie McBirnie(UK), Hannan Mullett (Ireland) and Matt Ravenscroft (UK). We are happy to inform you about our new speaker Roman Brzoska from Poland. For the final program see our website: https://www.shoulder-elbow-knee.nl/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Program-Shoulder-2017.pdf    

The Athletes Elbow

The Athletes Elbow is the topic of The Elbow Course which will take place on Tuesday 4 July 2017. With its almost entirely Dutch team, all of whom are experienced elbow surgeons, the faculty has prepared an interesting program for you. For the final program, please see our website: https://www.shoulder-elbow-knee.nl/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Program-Elbow-2017.pdf

Final program Arthroplasty of the Shoulder

Next to well-known speakers to the Arthroplasty of the Shoulder Course 2017 such as Mario Borroni (Italy), Anders Ekelund (Sweden) and Olivier Verborgt (Belgium) will we be welcoming Falk Reuther (Germany) and Lionel Neyton (France) to the course this year. The final program will be published on the website today: https://www.shoulder-elbow-knee.nl/2017/02/16/final-program-arthroplasty-of-the-shoulder/  

Knee program online

As from today the preliminary program of the knee is published on our website. We are happy to announce our keynote speakers 2017: Charlie Brown (Abu Dhabi), Peter Verdonk (Belgium), Peter Faunø (Danmark) and Patrick Weninger (Austria). https://www.shoulder-elbow-knee.nl/course/advanced-instructional-course-on-arthroscopy-of-the-knee/