University Medical Centre Utrecht
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The Netherlands


The official language will be English.


Accreditation has been granted by the Netherlands Orthopaedic Society (NOV):
7 points for the Arthroplasty of the Hand & Wrist, 7 points for The Elbow course, 15 points for the Arthroscopy of the Knee, 14 points for the Arthroscopy of the Shoulder and 7 points for the Arthroplasty of the Shoulder.

The Arthroplasty of the Hand & Wrist Course and The Elbow Course are also accredited by the Netherlands Society of Plastic Surgery (NVPC), 8 points and the Association of Surgeons of the Netherlands (NVvH), 8 points.

Dutch participants should fill in their personal GAIA account number (BIG) when they register on-line. The organization will ensure that the points will be added to your account.

The courses are approved by ISAKOS, ESSKA, SECEC, FESSH, Dutch Knee Society, Dutch Shoulder and Elbow Society and Dutch Arthroscopy Society (NVA).


On-line registration is possible through our website. The number of participants is limited up to 32 participants for the Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty courses and up to 18 for the Hand & Wrist course.

Hotel accommodation

Hotel accommodation is available at Hotel De Biltsche Hoek, a comfortable hotel located near the University Medical Center. You can book the accommodation through our website.