Farewell to the course founding fathers

“If you are having fun, you stay young”, a quote from Arthur Lim MD PhD and Jaap Willems MD PhD, founders and chair of the Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty (A&A) Utrecht Courses in the last 27 years. Their achievements and dedication are most impressive and many surgeons in the world have accomplished excellence in their fields after the A&A Utrecht Courses in the past.

It all started in the era of developing arthroscopy techniques in the early 90’s of the last century, when Arthur Lim and Jaap Willems envisioned that education in arthroscopy would be the cornerstone for high quality patient care in sports medicine. Arthroscopy gradually changed from a mere diagnostic instrument to complex therapeutic procedures with learning curves and need for training. Annual courses were hosted, starting with knee and shoulder arthroscopy courses in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The courses have ever since been famous for their international keynote speakers, live surgeries and ample training in the cadaverlab of the University of Utrecht Anatomy Department. The succes has led to addition of speciality courses on elbow, hand/wrist and arthroplasty with international delegates from 22 countries in last year’s courses. The level of excellence has received international credits and is awarded by patronage of ISAKOS, ESSKA, Dutch Arthroscopy Society (NVA) and Dutch Orthopaedic Association (NOV).

At a recent farewell dinner, the organising committee recollected many special memories of their founding fathers in the 27-year history of the A&A Utrecht Courses. A special evening of anecdotes, a sense of humour and dear friendships. We are most grateful to Arthur and Jaap for their boundless dedication to achieve the highest level of education in arthroscopy and arthroplasty. Till we meet again, dear friends!